School Counseling

Phone: 540-955-6130

Fax: 540-955-6139

Important Dates!

October 28 - November 1st: AP Exam Registration

November 7, 2019: ASVAB Testing

November 11, 2019: Parent Conferences @CCHS

December 4, 2019: Progress Reports

January 27, 2020: Report Cards

Additional Information Below

School Counseling Team

Mrs. Nikki McGinley, Counselor

Student Last Name: A-F

Mrs. Kate Leavitt, Counselor

Student Last Name: G-M

Ms. Leslie Louthan, Counselor

Student Last Name: N-Z

Registrar, Guidance Secretary

Mrs. Bobbie Shimp

Career Coach

Assists students with post-secondary career goals through advising sessions and classroom interactions. Also provides LFCC enrollment guidance.

Contact: Mrs. Natalie Dobry

Career Cruising

Use your Google login to access Career Cruising. This online program provides career assessments and is an excellent resource to explore careers. Students can watch videos and read interviews with those currently in the field. Learn the education requirements and common career paths. There's so much more! Click here to continue.

Work Based Learning

Explores opportunities for students who want to experience one-on-one interaction with a professional in their desired occupation. Also coordinates field trips and collaborates with local employers.

Contact: Mrs. Linda Alexander

Local Scholarship Coordinator

Mrs. Bonni Broy

College Resources

News & Upcoming Events

Building Leaders for Adv Science & Tech (BLAST)

BLAST Application

Lord Fairfax Comm College Workforce Solutions

Program for Women in Leadership

NASA Opportunities for Students

ASVAB Testing, Career Exploration

Test Date: November 7, 2019

Time: 12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Sign-up in the Counseling Office or Career Center

2020 Summer Residential Governor's School

Duke University Summer Sessions

College and Armed Service Visits

Marines: 9/17 & 9/24 during lunch

Marines: October - December, 2nd & 3rd Tuesday (monthly)

Navy: October 24th and 1st & 3rd Thursday (monthly)

Army: Each Wednesday, Weekly

College/University Visits for 2019-2020