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Mrs. Nikki McGinley Counselor, Student Last Names A-F


Mrs. Kate Leavitt Counselor, Student Last Names G-O


Ms. Sarah Fraze Counselor, Student Last Names P-Z


Mrs. Bobbie Shimp Registrar and Guidance Secretary


School Counselor Appointments

Students may scan the QR code or click here to access the online form. Counselors are just a click away!

ACT Registration | SAT Registration

College Board/SAT High School Code: 470195

Career Coach

Assists students with post-secondary career goals through advising sessions and classroom interactions. Also provides LFCC enrollment guidance.

Contact: Mrs. Natalie Dobry, dobryn@clarke.k12.va.us

Career Cruising

Use your Google login to access Career Cruising. This online program provides career assessments and is an excellent resource to explore careers. Students can watch videos and read interviews with those currently in the field. Learn the education requirements and common career paths. There's so much more!


Local Scholarship Coordinator

Contact: Mrs. Bonnie Broy, broyb@clarke.k12.va.us

Transfer Virginia

Transfer Virginia is an initiative to provide transparency and access throughout the college transfer process. Through the Transfer Virginia portal, we strive to provide consistent and current information from all partner institutions. You can research, plan and organize your transfer journey using the information and resources available within this portal from Virginia's institutions. The information in this portal is updated twice a year: www.transfervirginia.org/

Work-Based Learning Coordinator

Explores opportunities for students who want to experience one-on-one interaction with a professional in their desired occupation. Also coordinates field trips and collaborates with local employers.

Contact: Mr. Shaine Coleman, colemans@clarke.k12.va.us

Summer School Health/PE 10: Click Here for Registration Form

Summer 2022 Assignments: Student Gmail Account Required to Open Files

AP Statistics Summer Assignment 2022

AP Government Summer Assignment 2022

IB Biology Part I Summer Assignment 2022

IB Biology Part II Summer Assignment 2022

IB Visual Arts Summer Assignment 2022 **Assignment Cancelled**

IB Music Summer Assignment 2022

IB Environmental Systems Summer Assignment 2022

IB History, Higher Level, Part I, Summer Assignment 2022

IB History, Higher Level, Part II, Summer Assignment 2022

No Summer Assignments for: IB English 11 HL, IB English 12 HL, IB Math Analysis SL Part II or AP Calculus AB